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Founded in 2012 by Vincent Quigg in Los Angeles, CA, TechWorld has been saving the day by providing high quality iPhone repair and service. In 2014, TechWorld is expanded its services and opened its doors on campus at West Virginia University. We aim to provide fast high quality repair at a price you can't deny.


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Where to Find Us

All TechWorld repairs take place at the WVU LaunchLab
(located south of Beechhurst PRT on the ground floor of Hodges Hall). 

Walking Directions:

From the Mountainlair: Cross the street and go left. Walk past the two buildings with white columns (Elizabeth Moore Hall and the Purinton House). Walk down the ally on your right hand side. Hodges Hall is down and to the left. 
From the Beechurst PRT station: From the Beechurst PRT station-Exit the platform, face the street below you (Beechurst Ave.) and walk to your left. Hodges Hall is right in front of you.


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